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Making decisions has never been easy for me. Whether its what I should have for dinner, or what I should do with the rest of my life, my heart just struggles. However, I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason. This belief has helped ease some of that decision making.

Three years ago I was working in a small newsroom with a boss who had a temper problem. It was my first job after college so expectations were quite low. I had some great colleagues that tried to balance him out, but he was a very difficult person to work for. He wasn’t my first boss, the guy that hired me had left and then another manager (a good one) stepped in temporarily before they hired this bozo. I decided that ten dollars an hour, a crazy schedule and constant outbursts from an unstable boss was no longer worth it.

I took a week of vacation and went home to see my family. I decided it was time to leave the news industry and look for a job elsewhere. I spent a couple days filling out online job applications and writing fresh cover letters for positions I felt I was unqualified for.

Then, I received an email. Not from one of the jobs I had applied for, but a different one I had never inquired about. A news director in a larger market had seen my reel that I had put online and wanted to interview me for a position at his station. At this point I had nothing to lose.

He flew me across the country to a city I had never heard of. On the station’s dime I was wined, dined and shown the most beautiful sights of the mid sized city. When I flew back home I was unsure what to do. I knew I needed to get a new job but I wasn’t hyped on the idea of moving across the country.

When the news director called me and offered me the job I said ‘no thanks.’ Then I cried. I cried because I knew that was not the right answer. I cried because I knew that there was a reason this opportunity fell into my lap. I waiver back and forth with my faith sometimes, but in this moment I really believed God had brought me this for a reason. So I called the news director back and accepted the offer.

A month later I packed two big suitcases and jumped on a plane to start a new life all alone on the other side of the country. I was terrified. It took a long time to settle in, I had never lived anywhere besides my home state. But the experience of moving away, starting over and having to make friends and build a life from scratch taught me a lot. I grew up so much in the time I spent out there both professionally and as a person.

I will always remember that decision as the hardest and best decision I’ve ever made. It took courage and faith I had no idea I possessed. But I am a better and stronger person because of it.


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