Television news is an industry where your coworkers often become your closest friends. I think there are a few reasons for that. You work long, odd hours together… sometimes even taking naps next to each other in live trucks between morning show hits. Many people in news are also not working in their home towns… at least not right away… so you have a bunch of people who are trying to make this new place feel like home…. seeking friendships and loves. A high stress, fast paced, creative job like news draws in a lot of strong personalities who in the heat of the moment may fight or yell at each other and apologize later. I think these kinds of fights sort of bring people closer together… sort of makes them family.

Today I talked with one of my favorite former coworkers. After hopping from our previous station to a new job in news he decided it was time for a change. For the past couple months he has been selling construction equipment for a friend’s company. I called him to ask his advice on my job search. Instead he dropped a bomb. A good bomb. After just a couple months out of the industry he scored a great offer right back in it, and right back at the station where I met him a few years ago. Back when we were there he was the weekend anchor… but in a couple months he is returning as the main weekday anchor for the 10 and 11 p.m. newscasts with a promise from the news director to eventually co anchor the 5 and 6 p.m. newscasts as well. It’s sort of one of those dream jobs. They offered him a nice little pay bump (kind of a huge pay bump actually), a decent clothing allowance and a solid signing bonus. We joked that I would come back too now that he’s there… as we once dubbed ourselves the ‘dream team.’

It’s phone calls like this that make me really happy I’m in this industry. This is a guy that I saw really work his ass off. Outside circumstances made him take a couple jobs that maybe weren’t the right fit for him, but now all that hard work is paying off.  I couldn’t be happier for this guy. In fact, I almost cried when he told me the good news.

There are people we meet that we are told we will be working with for a set amount of years and then simply go our separate ways. But, some of those people really make an impact and you know you will keep in touch, keep tabs on their whereabouts and their lives. By keeping in contact you are gifted great moments like this one where you get to share the joy of a major life change. He is one of about ten people I met at that job that I will continue to reach out to and check in on because we all love each other…. we are each others family and that is what family does.

Congratulations to my exceptionally talented friend who is getting a great new beginning in a place where he already has some solid roots and solid friendships. You can’t ask for more than that. Cheers to you.


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